• What´s Popflake?

    Popflake is your go to app when you want to watch a movie. Whether you want to go to the cinema, stream a movie, rent or buy one. We created an easy to use movie discovery app - just for you! Simply select the keywords that describe your mood, a country the movie should play in, .. or a general movie type. A great example would be; horror + students + forest!

  • Keywords.. What do they mean?

    Our keywords describe various things. For example the mood or the plot of a movie. They describe places, languages or countries where it´s been produced. We hate spoilers and we know you do, too. This is why you won´t see all keywords of a specific movie. Spoiler free and damn fast!

  • How does all this work?

    Every user with a beta account is able to tag a movie with keywords they think fit best. From all these user ratings, we compute the official keywords for the movie. Algorithm magic! Every new rating counts, sign up for a beta account and let us build the best movie discovery app together!

  • How to I add a movie to Popflake?

    It´s easy. Every beta user can tag and add a movie. Contact us on Facebook. Soon you will be able to tag movies directly from the iOS App, too!

  • How do you calculate the movie score / Why should I trust your score?

    We know that there are thousands of movie rating platforms out there and we do not want to reinvent the wheel. That´s why we use trusted sources for our score system. We gather the movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes (Tomatometer & Audience Score), IMDB and Metacritic (Metascore) and calculate them together. It's easy as pie.

  • Is Popflake free?

    Yes, you can use it / download it free of charge. It´s time to use Popflake!

  • Yezzzuuz! I love it! Well..this is not even a question

    Wow, we are so glad to hear this! A shout out on Twitter or on Facebook to your friends would help us a lot and be awesome!

  • I´m a developer. Do you have a public API?

    No. At least not yet. We would love to hear from you. Please shoot us an email so we can talk.

App (iOS)

  • Why doesn´t Popflake provide links to legal streaming providers in the iOS App?

    Apple does not allow Apps that provide "access to external mechanisms for digital purchases" (App Store Review Guidelines). We initially had the App with this feature submitted, unfortunately it got rejected.

  • I found a bug, what now?

    Ohh you are a real bug-hunter! Write us an email or even better, submit the bug like any other feedback via Stomt. Read 'I got a few ideas for Popflake or feedback. Where do I submit them?' in the FAQ for more details.

  • I got a few ideas for Popflake or feedback. Where do I submit them?

    We would love to hear you out! Submit feedback or wishes directly via Stomt. It´s really easy, no signup required.

  • Popflake App just crashes or can´t connect, what should I do?

    There are a few ways to fix this. 1) Restart the app (double click the home button, and swipe the app up. After that, open the app again). 2) If that does not help, reinstall the app. 3) We did a poor job if everything fails.. Contact us and we will try to fix it!

  • I have an Android phone. Where is Popflake for Android?

    We are very sorry that we didn't launch on Android, too. We will launch an Android version in the future. If you are or know a good Android developer who likes Popflake, contact us!

Beta Users (Web App)

  • Why is Facebook required for beeing a Beta user?

    Facebook provides an easy authentication service. With Facebook we can verify that you are a real person. We will add other authentication services later, maybe a sign up via email, too. Stay tuned!

  • How to tag a movie as a Beta user

    1) Go to the Tag a Movie site 2) Sign in via Facebook 3) A search input will appear. Enter the (original english) title of a movie you just watched and want to tag 4) Select the correct movie (cover) 5) Now a keyword collection will appear. Select the correct keywords that describe the movie best 6) Scroll down and click on 'Save'! 7) Thank you for your time! Search, tag, repeat ;D