We worked very hard during the last month.. And have three awesome news for you! Popflake 1.1 is finally out! Less bugs and a more satisfying user experience.

We also implemented a new feature that makes it even easier for you to find great flicks: movie lists. Just click on one of our lists and you will get instant results! For more control you can still switch to our keyword search.

Popflake for Android

Amazing news for all Android users: Our new Popflake version is as well available on the Google Play App Store! So make sure to be one of the first product hunters! Download Popflake for free, check it out and leave us a rating!

But this isn’t enough. Popflake also got a modern and fresh rebranding. We hope you love it exactly as we do!

PS: Our 20 beta users added so many movies the last months. We reached 1000 movies in our database!

xoxo, your Popflake team